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Virtual, but such a real topic of the new tab for all fans of the anime “Sword Art Online” (SAO).

Cult anime, which opened the way for many others in this genre, dedicated online games. Dynamic and colorful fights, an interesting idea, a good story, a beautiful picture – all this is in this anime. Exciting story begins with the fact that an ordinary teen Kirito went to play an online game and could not leave it. Stuck in the online world, he did not despair, but decided to go through the game to get out of it and return to the real world. In his pumping, he meets his love, the beautiful Asuna. And this is an example plot of only the first arch :). Having installed this extension, you will be able to see the heroes of your favorite anime, just opening a new browser tab.

The extension will replace the standard background of the new browser tab on the chic wallpapers themes «Sword Art Online».

Additional features:

  • weather display setting
  • time display setting
  • displayed images settings
  • funny games
Install from chrome web store