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The heroic theme of a new tab on the anime “My Heroic Academy” (Boku no Hero Academia).

Cheerful and dramatic, heroic and everyday, full of battles the history of the world of superheroes. It begins with the fact that the ordinary teenager of Midori had no superpower, in a world full of super abilities. But he had a dream – to become a superhero, such as “almighty.” His perseverance and efforts have paid off. By the will of fate, he happened to meet with his idol – the “symbol of peace”, which later gives him the long-awaited superpower. Midoriya is waiting for a long and difficult life, on the way to becoming a superhero. He enters the Academy of Heroes to realize his dream. “Boku no Hero Academia” is a colorful animated anime filled with various superheroes, super villains, super powers and super-epic battles. Having installed this extension, you can see the heroes of your favorite anime, just opening a new browser tab.

The extension will replace the standard background of the new browser tab on the “heroic” wallpaper on the anime “My Hero Academy” (“Boku no Hero Academia”).

Additional features:

  • weather display setting
  • time display setting
  • displayed images settings
  • funny games
Install from chrome web store