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Unusually stylish theme of the new tab for the anime “Monogatari Series”.
Japanese culture is full of different spirits and stories about them.

This anime presents this part of Japanese life in a modern way, and it is very unusual, interesting and colorful. I think the heroes of “stories” will remain in your memory for life; they are so unconventional, beautiful and fascinating. Having installed the extension, you will be able to see the devilish brother, Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade herself, kitty Hanekawa, snail Hachikuji and other characters of this magnificent anime just opening a new browser tab.

The extension will replace the standard background of the new browser tab on the chic wallpapers of the “Monogatari Series” theme.

Additional features:

  • weather display setting
  • time display setting
  • displayed images settings
  • funny games
Install from chrome web store