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Brutal theme of the new tab on anime/manga Berserk.

After watching the anime “Berserk” (1997), I was left puzzled by his ending. It was clear that the story was not over. The anime story was very interesting to me and I decided to read the original story, i.e. manga. As a result, reading it at night, she was the best manga that I read. A real classic of “dark fantasy”. Terrifying monsters, bloody battles, power, friendship and love-all this is very rigidly represented in the “Berserk” … How does it relate to Griffith after his decision? How to evaluate his choice? I think everyone thought about this question and found the answer for themselves. A magnificent, gloomy masterpiece, this applies both to the pages of the manga, and to the whole world of the “Berserker.” By installing this extension, you will be able to see the wallpaper theme of the world “Berserk” by simply opening a new browser tab.

The extension will replace the standard background of the new browser tab for hardcore wallpapers around the world “Berserker.”

Additional features:

  • weather display setting
  • time display setting
  • displayed images settings
  • funny games
Install from chrome web store